robert smith through the years

Perhaps the most unifying band amongst old wavers is The Cure. Even if you think Depeche Mode are too wussy or you can’t stand Morrissey’s croon, you can get behind Robert Smith.

Hard to believe Disintegration has turned 20 years old, and The Cure have been at it since 1976.

Robert has thrown down some looks in that time – evolving from a fresh-faced post-punk kid to a fright-wigged crossdresser.

But no matter what he’s wearing, Robert Smith has created some of the most timeless music of our era. Let’s begin in 1979, with a French TV performance of “At Night”, which would later become known as “A Forest”:

Fast forward to 1982. Fresh off the release of Pornography, they’re back in Paris for a TV performance of “The Hanging Garden”:

Just a couple years later, in 1985, the goth has turned to pop on the Head On The Door tour featuring “In Between Days”:

We’ll end with Robert in his prime. It’s 1990, Disintegration is at the top of the charts, and the Cure are full-on arena rock stars:

Now go home tonight and watch this: The Cure: Trilogy – Live In Berlin. You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “robert smith through the years

  1. Anonymous

    …and now I get to see The Cure on 23rd December (2014) with my dearest…..oh lucky us….can hardly wait….

  2. Anonymous

    Saw The Cure on 23rd Dec. 2014 as mentioned above they were brilliant of course..a great start to our Christmas..and hope The Cure had a great one too..long may they play…xxxx..

  3. Anonymous

    Seeing The Cure tomorrow at Wembley Arena – been watching them on their epic tour and finally get to see them – oh lucky us….have waited over a year for this…..wonder what the playlist will be..see they played The Blood in Spain and Portugal…..we shall see….

  4. Anonymous

    The Cure were amazing…all great songs and Robert sang very well ( his wife Mary) his voice is still beautiful,…who knows when we’ll get to see them again….,

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