abe vigoda bought a keyboard

No, not Phil Fish. The Los Angeles noise-punk four-piece Abe Vigoda just released their fourth full length, Crush.

Between 2008’s Skeleton and now, the band parted ways with drummer Gerado Guerreno and copped a more cold wave sound. Previously noted as a purveyor of “tropicali-punk” – whatever that is – Abe Vigoda have added electronic textures, toned down their frenetic sound and ditched the world beats.

Whether calculated or organic, it’s definitely a change for the better. New drummer Dane Chadwick provides a more precise framework and singer Michael Vidal sounds right at home as a new romantic. “Dream Of My Love” is a prime example:

Dream Of My Love by Popfrenzy

Album closer “We Have To Mask” suggests there’s more for Abe Vigoda to explore:

We Have To Mask by Popfrenzy

It remains to be seen if this is a mere detour or an ongoing evolution, but it’s a promising step for a band trying to outgrow the limits of its scene.


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