die antwoord works blue

Frankly, when I first heard of Die Antwoord I didn’t get it. A white South African rapper with a crew of albino chicks and midgets?

Then I got it.

The internet sensation gets a major label release of their reworked debut, $O$, next Tuesday. Ninja and Yolandi have risen from obscurity to budding stardom in less than a year, thanks to famous Hollywood fans like Neill Blomkamp of District 9, David Fincher of The Social Network, and David Lynch of Blue Velvet.

The Old Waver crew had the chance to catch Die Antwoord open up for MIA at Governor’s Island this summer, and the rave-rappers blew Maya off the stage. Turns out, their brand of hip-hop is as much performance art as bellowing beats. Think Ali G with street cred.

Pitchfork has the video exclusive for the single “Evil Boy”. It could be NSFW if you don’t want to get caught looking at giant wooden phalluses:

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe it…


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