small black is back

I know. “Not another hipster band from Brooklyn. Oh great, and they’re chillwave too. I hate them already.”

I understand your trepidation, but let’s take a step back and give Small Black a chance. Actually, they’ve got quite a head start with last year’s self-released single “Despicable Dogs” getting all kinds of love from Pitchfork. And they hooked up with fellow chillwaver Earnest Greene, or Washed Out, for a split 7″ and even toured as his backing band.

Now they’re back with a proper debut album, set for an October 26 release from Jagjaguwar. New Chain takes the chillwave template and turns it up a notch. The filtered vocals and retro keys are there, but the energy and songcraft are more engaging.

Lead single “Photojournalist”, which you can download here, is a great headphone track with thundering drums and chiming synth:

Photojournalist – Small Black by oldwaver

Small Black really hit their stride on the title track, a syrupy, hazy dance floor anthem:

New Chain – Small Black by oldwaver

Is New Chain a revelation? No. But it is a fantastic debut from a group of kids who just happen to be from Brooklyn. 


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