wild nothing worth noting

I recently had a friend, an old waver himself, ask what I’ve been listening to lately. Knowing full well that he’s a tough audience for anything recorded after 1994, I hesitantly recommended Wild Nothing.

Gemini, Wild Nothing’s debut, was released back in May to widespread critical acclaim. A throwback to the heyday of 4AD and Creation Records, the album was recorded and produced by Virginia Tech student Jack Tatum in his home studio.

The DIY aesthetic is part of Gemini’s charm, but it’s also a hurdle for those — like my friend — who might find the shaky vocal harmonies too much to overcome.

However, given a proper chance Wild Nothing proves to be as promising as any new artist to emerge this year. Follow-up EP Evertide is just as arresting, with the shyly cheerful “Golden Haze” providing a perfect example of dream pop:

Golden Haze – Wild Nothing by oldwaver

Tatum and his touring band have had a busy summer, supporting the likes of The Depreciation Guild, Neon Indian and Stars. In August, the folks at They Shoot Music caught up with them in Vienna, Austria.

If you’re not familiar, They Shoot Music captures impromptu gigs at various Vienna locales by “indie” bands that pass through town. Here’s Wild Nothing performing the title track from Gemini:

I’ve yet to hear back from my friend, but hopefully he — and you — approve.


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