depeche mode tour of the universe time warp

As you probably already know, Depeche Mode drops Tour Of The Universe on November 9. The 2-DVD, 2-CD set covers two nights in Barcelona during the 2009 Sounds Of The Universe tour.

And of course the DVDs are packed with extras like a tour documentary, rehearsal footage and the 7 “screen films” projected behind the band at every show.

If you happened to catch this tour, you’ll happily recall that Gore and Gahan pulled from the back catalogue more liberally than they have in recent memory.

In fact, favorites like “A Question Of Time”, “Fly On The Windscreen” and “Stripped” are on the Barcelona set list. Hearing those classics from Black Celebration is great and all, but it makes you want to experience old school Depeche Mode in context. Not even the 101 version…  before that.

In 1984, on the Some Great Reward tour, Depeche Mode recorded a concert film in Hamburg. It has yet to be released on DVD, but some relatively good quality VHS transfers exist on YouTube. Thanks to those hardcore DM fans for hanging on to their VCRs and doing the hard work for us.

“If You Want”:

“Leave In Silence”:

“Told You So”:

“Everything Counts”:

So awesome.


4 thoughts on “depeche mode tour of the universe time warp

  1. KentButabi

    Wow, it's nice to see a time when DM actually played their own instruments. TOUR OF THE UNI was awesome – but I couldn't help notice how much Fletch just stands there and lets the programs and backup bandmates do all the work.

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