engineering a shoegaze revival

To date, the biggest thing that’s happened to British shoegaze savants Engineers is having their song “Home” co-opted by the HBO polygamy drama, Big Love. Otherwise, they’ve been dropped by their label, had a drummer and guitarist quit, and outside of some kind press for last year’s Three Fact Fader they’ve been pretty much ignored.

They hope their fortunes change with a new album and the addition of a new band member. Album number three, In Praise Of More, was released yesterday — their first with German electronic auteur Ulrich Schnauss.

Schnauss’ presence is apparent, but not overwhelming. This is a more textural record, and as a result a little more thoughtful and restrained. Even the uptempo title track never really lets loose:

In Praise Of More – Engineers by oldwaver

The soft/loud dynamic isn’t as pronounced as it has been on previous Engineers releases either, with songs like “To An Evergreen” ending up more serene than stirring:

To An Evergreen – Engineers by oldwaver

Overall, In Praise Of More falls under the “grower” category. If you’re already on board, give it a chance to take root.

If you haven’t been exposed to Engineers before, better to start with their self-titled debut and bliss out to a modern shoegaze classic like “Forgiveness”.  Enjoy:


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