british sea power to rise again

The Brighton lads with a fondness for shrubbery are back with a new EP. Zeus is a precursor to British Sea Power’s fourth proper album to be released in January. The 7-song EP will be available October 5th in the states, but you can download the title track for free from Rough Trade Records.

Zeus hints at a welcome return to form for the mercurial Brits. After the angular and aggressive debut, The Decline Of British Sea Power, they’ve gone lush and pastoral with Open Season and taken aim at arena rock with Do You Like Rock Music.

The band took a detour with 2009’s Man of Aran, an instrumental film score that accompanied the re-release of a 1934 fictional documentary about the inhabitants of Ireland’s Aran Islands.

Now they sound revitalized, with the quirkiness that made them so likable intact and Martin Noble’s frenetic guitar once again out front in the mix:

Zeus – British Sea Power by oldwaver

Here’s hoping the rest of the new material hearkens back to those early days:


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