salem: the witching hour approaches

Back in the day I’m sure our parents were frightened to death when we’d lock ourselves in our room and crank Ministry or Bauhaus. Now today’s generation have something equally dark and capable of inciting parental panic.

Salem drops their debut album, King Night, next Tuesday, and with it they launch a new subgenre. The Michigan trio call it “drag”, but the blogs are running with “witch house”. Either way, it’s a mangled wreck of goth, electropop and narcoleptic hip hop.

The gut rumbling bass of dubstep overwhelms and splatters all over the album’s title track:

King Night – Salem by oldwaver

Processed vocals, similar to experimental electronic acts like The Knife, add to the warped and “dragged” nature of Salem’s sound, as heard on one of my favorites, “Sick”:

Sick – Salem by oldwaver

Salem are sure to be a divisive act for hipsters and indie snobs to dissect. All I know is it’ll make a bitchin soundtrack for your Halloween house party.


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