speaking of jesus and mary chain

Yesterday’s post about Crocodiles got me in the mood for some good ol’ Jesus and Mary Chain.

Much like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, the Reid brothers have become more influential with age. Underrated in their day, they’re a favorite touchstone of many a present day indie rocker.

Part of their appeal is their can’t be bothered cool. Their unapproachable aloofness and sometimes earsplitting feedback provides a certain air — like they could give a shit if you’re even listening — but the intensity of Jim Reid makes it too hard to look away.

Take, for example, this 1984 television performance of “In A Hole” from Psychocandy:

And this 1989 television performance of Automatic deep cut, “Gimme Hell”:

The Reid brothers famously split in 1999, but reunited for a 2007 tour. This Oslo, Norway performance of “Reverence” from 1992’s Honey’s Dead proves they can still kill it:

I want to die on a bed of spikes…


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