beware of crocodiles

When you name-check an Echo and the Bunnymen album, it’s a good way to get an old waver’s attention. Crocodiles are a San Diegan…  Diegoan…  a duo from San Diego who gained notoriety through association with a fellow California duo, No Age.

Their debut album, last year’s Summer Of Hate, was a cult favorite. Now they’ve returned with a more fully realized follow-up, Sleep Forever.

There’s still a bit of an Echo and the Bunnymen feel, with a heavy dose of Jesus and Mary Chain, but Sleep Forever mines even further back to Ian McCulloch’s inspiration, The Doors.

Take the Ray Manzerek organ intro to “Stoned To Death”:

Stoned To Death – Crocodiles by oldwaver

Or maybe it sounds more like Stereolab.

The second single off Sleep Forever, “Hearts Of Love”, leans more closely to the JAMC influence. The video starts off innocently enough, with a beach party reminiscent of The Drums “Let’s Go Surfing” — but stay with it for the amusingly disturbing ending:

Cult rituals… good times.


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