the charlatans reach middle age

There was a time when The Charlatans were counted among my favorite bands. I was mad fer Madchester and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. I even stuck by them after the tragic loss of keyboardist Rob Collins forced them to drop the psychedelia and delve into britpop.

Now twenty years on from Some Friendly, Tim Burgess and the lads are back with their 11th studio album, Who We Touch.

It’s not a bad record by any means, it just sounds like a band who are out of touch and out of ideas.

Beginning with 2001’s electro-soul excursion, Wonderland, The Charlatans have been stylistically all over the map. That album actually worked, but since then they’ve churned out a succession of disappointments. Who We Touch is a “back to basics” album, but even so it can’t recapture what made The Charlatans great. Lead single “Love Is Ending” is the closest they come to sounding like themselves:

Love Is Ending – The Charlatans by oldwaver

Makes me long for the days of Hammond organ solos…

RIP, Rob.


2 thoughts on “the charlatans reach middle age

  1. Noodle

    Some Friendly was fantastic, but for some reason I really loved Between 10th and 11th. Listened to that disc over and over, loved every single song.

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