underworld re-emerges

The granddaddies of stadium techno are back for the first time since 2007’s Oblivion With Bells. Next Tuesday Underworld release their 8th studio album, spanning more than two decades.

Barking is the first Underworld album to feature contributions from guest producers. After Karl Hyde and Rick Smith wrote and recorded the material, they shipped it off to contemporaries like High Contrast and Paul Van Dyk for an extra layer of production sheen.

The result is probably the duo’s most accessible release yet and excellent source material for their next run through the festival circuit.

Imagine yourself in an artifically induced state of bliss, pressed tight with 50,000 like minded strangers, strobes blinding your eyes and this track thumping in your ears:

Between Stars – Underworld by oldwaver

Puts you in a happy place, no? Now check out the official video for the latest single, “Always Loved A Film”. Who knew Underworld would be the perfect soundtrack for the exploits of an oddball pack of aging hoodlums?


One thought on “underworld re-emerges

  1. Ken

    Greatness. Also, somewhat ironic that it is posted on a site called "Oldwaver", given the age of actors and their (alleged) stunts in this video. Great track. Thanks for sharing. You've got a great site.

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