previewing interpol

Much has changed for Interpol. The shoulder-holster-wearing gay old west vampire, Carlos D, has left the band. They’ve jumped from Capitol back to Matador. They’ve enlisted the esteemed David Pajo to pick up bass duties, and brought aboard Secret Machines frontman Brandon Curtis to play keys.

All this roster shuffling in the midst of a career retrenching. After the breakthrough Turn On The Bright Lights and the nearly as good but not nearly as well received Antics, Interpol has stumbled with the water-treading Our Love To Admire and the extended hiatus that followed.

Self-titled album number four comes out a week from today and is being pushed with what seems to be the urgency of a band on the brink of unraveling.

The album opens with the optimistically titled “Success”:

Success – Interpol by oldwaver

The meat of the record are the two singles already released. The newest, “Barricade”, features a video of taut bellies setting the backdrop for Paul Banks’ crooning mug:

The video for the previous single, “Lights”, presents a sexy reenactment of a pheromone ritual within a Rhinoceros Beetle. Personally, I think it works better without the laborious set-up:

If anything, the new album shows signs of fatigue from a band treading water too long. Perhaps a nice, long tour with new bandmates and material will infuse some life into what has become a relic of a long dead New York scene.


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