twin cocteau twins

Now I’ve never experienced this for myself, but I once overheard a friend tell a young protege if he played the Cocteau Twins when he got a girl home, that her clothes would simply fall off.

Weeks later, the young protege reported back. It worked.

There’s something about the soothing waves of sound from Robin Guthrie’s guitar and the otherworldly choruses of Elizabeth Fraser’s layered voice that can either lull one to sleep or weaken one’s defenses.

For your Friday listening pleasure, let’s look back at a couple of classics that bookend the Twin’s most vital period.

First, from 1984’s Treasure, a rare live performance of “Lorelei”:

Please check to ensure your clothes are still on.


2 thoughts on “twin cocteau twins

  1. Human, Internets

    Round-a-boutly; a few years ago I was introduced to CT on Doc Hammer's (of The Venture Bros. fame) myspace page. He had Sugar Hiccup on the player, and I instantly fell in love with it them. Doc also has a Post-punk/New Wave band called Weep that you might enjoy too.

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