keeping up with the klaxons

The Klaxons Myths of the Near Future may have won Britain’s prestigious Mercury Prize, but they seemed a laughing stock waiting to happen. I bought in, however, and spent the summer of 2007 oohhhing along with “Golden Skans.”

Battles with their record label on the direction of the follow-up album, Surfing the Void, delayed its release until now — more than three years later.

The album cover certainly indicates that wrangling over artistic control hasn’t persuaded them to take themselves too seriously.

Unfortunately, the album itself isn’t nearly as brilliant. Alternating between earnest electro-pop and psychedelic noise romps, the Klaxons have lost their charm and really seem to be trying too hard. Take the lead single, “Echoes”:

Running through the desert and jamming on unplugged guitars….  they can’t be serious. Still, I kinda like it. Rather than buy in this time, I think I’ll just laugh along with them.


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