blur at madison square garden


Better late than never, I uploaded videos taken at the Blur MSG show on Friday, October 23. An electric atmosphere and a personal top 10 show for sure.

Check the playlist below for the 6 tunes I captured.

  • There’s No Other Way
  • Coffee and TV
  • Beetlebum
  • Parklife
  • Girls and Boys
  • The Universal

old waver top 25 favorite albums of 2014


This blog is hardly a blog anymore, but that doesn’t preclude me from posting a hastily assembled year-end album list. 2014 wasn’t the strongest year for music, at least in my humble estimation, but I was able to pull together 25 list-worthy releases. Keep in mind these are personal favorites of stuff I’ve actually listened to, not necessarily the “best”. I’ll leave that kind of definitive deconstruction of art to the experts.

If you don’t have patience for the countdown, there’s a Spotify playlist and a quick list for reference at the bottom of the post.

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